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Cheers to a Great Year!

Humankind has been reaching for the horizon since time immemorial. Approximately 500 years ago marks the start of the journey of the first circumnavigation of the world headed by a Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan last August 10, 1519 on board the the Victoria ship. On the other hand, we also commemorate the victory of Lapu-Lapu in the Battle of Mactan when he defeated Magellan in March 21, 1521 in the island of Cebu, Philippines.

However, this Quincentennial Celebration is more than just about commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Victory in Mactan and the First Circumnavigation of the World. It also hopes to rekindle Filipino pride and faith in a forgotten heritage, our maritime consciousness which was subdued during the colonial periods. So to recognize the invaluable contribution of our forefathers in shaping our maritime tradition, the “Balangay”, which was declared as the country’s national boat, will also be included in this commemoration (More information here)

As we approach the coming of a new decade, the Subic Sailing Club will remain committed in advocating awareness of the distinctly sea-based heritage of our proud nation by continuing to promote sailing and boating in our country. It has been a great year and we look forward to a more exciting and vibrant 2020. We would like to also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of our journey, a special mention to the recently passed founder of Asian Yachting Grand Prix Series and a long-time fan of the Philippine Sailing, Captain Marty Rijkuris

Here are some of the highlights of year for 2019:


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