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Formed out of love for boating by a group of entrepreneurs, expatriates and sports enthusiast with a stupendous appetite for yacht racing, transforming Subic Bay as the Premier Yacht Racing Destination in the country. 

Their unbridled passion and commitment have kept the sport alive and exciting in the country.

The Subic Sailing Club is the organizer of the premier yacht racing events in Subic Bay, Philippines

One of the notable advocacies of Subic Sailing Club aside from organizing sailing events in Subic Bay is the promotion of sailing through proper education and sail training through its IYFR Subic Sailing School. Combined with the support of several NGOs, Civic Organizations, Private Companies and sailors around the globe, the club was able to establish its grassroots program not only to promote sailing but to help ensure the future of yacht racing in the Philippines.

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The club has evolved not just to become the paragon of the development of sailing in the country but also aims to raise the level of awareness and consciousness of every Filipino on our marine wealth and heritage.

Sailing is a sport where Filipinos can excel and be the best in the world. The Subic Sailing Club aims to spread the love of boating to the Filipinos and breed a new generation of Filipino sailors that will continue to give pride to our country and give honor to the countless Filipino seafarers around the world.


Quest for Maritime Heritage


EXPLORE the beauty of the Philippines
Live your DREAM
DISCOVER your destiny

The Philippines is an archipelagic (arki-pela-gik) country composed of 7,641 islands straddling across the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean, the West Philippine Sea and Celebes Sea.

The total coastline length is 36,289 km.  The total land to water ratio is 1:7, with a land area of approximately 300,000 sq. km. and a total water area of 2.2 million sq km. The Philippines shares maritime borders with Taiwan to the north, Vietnam to the west, Palau to the east and Malaysia and Indonesia to the south.


The Lighthouse Marina Resort

Subic Bay Yacht Club

The Subic Sailing Club is currently located at the Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines. The Freeport is managed and operated by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), the implementing arm of the Philippine Government in developing the 67,000 hectare area of Subic Bay Freeport and Special Economic Zone into a self-sustaining industrial, commercial, financial and investment center.


The Subic Bay Freeport Zone covers the fenced area of the former U.S. Naval Base located 110 kilometers north of Manila and surrounded by the municipalities of Subic and Olongapo City in Zambales and Hermosa and Morong in Bataan.


Come and visit us in Subic Bay and experience for yourself this wonderful sailing paradise.

13 Aerial Subic Bay-e-small-3900.jpg
Subic Bay Yacht Club is located along Rizal Avenue inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Aerial shot of Subic Bay Freeport Zone overlooking Golf Course, Manufacturing Facilities, Yacht Club
Submarine visiting Subic Bay Freeport Zone which was a former Naval Base
The coastline of Zambales and Bataan in the Philippines are rugged
Our Location: Subic Bay


All throughout history, Subic Bay has been a ship’s refuge that was most coveted by foreign powers like Spain, Great Britain, the United States, and Japan. From fishermen’s dinghies to Spanish galleons, from steamships to the most sophisticated warships, to the modern cruise ships and racing yachts, Subic Bay has provided them all a safe haven with its naturally deep harbor and protected coves.


Subic Bay, steeped as it is in the tradition of naval commerce and having played an important role in the maritime history of the Philippines, couldn’t be any more appropriate as the starting point for injecting awareness of the country’s maritime heritage, and the natural prowess of Filipinos as sailors and seafarers.


To raise awareness on the country's vast maritime domains and its potentials among Filipinos, the Subic Sailing Club has evolved not just to become the paragon of the development of sailing in the country but also aims to raise the level of awareness and consciousness of every Filipino on our marine wealth and heritage.


Maritime Legacy


Our Goals
Attract more Filipinos to try boating and promote the Philippines as a Maritime Nation
Promote Subic Bay and the Philippines as a top sailing destination in Asia
Show appreciation and recognition to all the Filipino Seafarers
Promote a cleaner ocean
Enhance awareness of the filipinos and realize our potential as a maritime nation.
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