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We organize world-class regattas that attract the most affluent and innovative participants in the sport, providing direct access to a highly-valued, captive audience.​

Sponsorship Opportunities


Sailing is also a sport with a clean and positive image that embodies innovation and sportsmanship, making it a great fit for companies who aspire to these values.

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Competitive sailing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the sports sponsorship marketplace.

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Our events are participated by sailors from around the globe.


Sailing embodies innovation and advances in technology.

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Our events provide direct access to influential audiences who develop a high degree of loyalty for brands who share a passion for their sport.


Sailing is a sport where Filipinos can excel and be the best in the world.

Your contribution will be supporting our grassroots program that not only help people of all socioeconomic background learn how to sail, but also helps breed a new generation of Filipino sailors that will continue to give pride to our country and give honour to the countless Filipino seafarers around the world.


The Best Yacht Racing

Destination in the Philippines

Racing in Subic Bay usually is entertaining because of it's shifting winds. With the clear waters of the bay ringed by beautiful mountains of Zambales and Bataan provinces, Subic Bay is large enough to develop its own microclimate that almost always results in useful local breezes that can last all afternoon – but they are shifty. The shifts cause headaches for the unwary, opportunities for the observant and hard work for the crews, but the results can be exciting racing in 20 knot winds on flat water.

Subic Bay Marina Facilities

Ashore, Subic Bay offers marina facilities at the Subic Bay Yacht Club or at the Watercraft Ventures, equipped with a 40-ton travel hoist and boat repair facilities, a chandlery and a number of duty-free supermarkets. Of course, there are many hotels, restaurants, and bars for entertaining. For more information about Subic Bay, please click on the link below.

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