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National Heroes Day Regatta

Congratulations to the brave sailors of the National Heroes Day Regatta 2019! Cheers to the the men and women in Philippine history whose acts of courage enabled the Philippines to grow as a nation.

(Top to Bottom in no particular order): Team Savage skipper Pete Waa, Team Vineta skipper Simon Pickering, Team Selma Star skipper Ricky Sandoval, Team Nikki skipper Vincent Faugnies, and Team Misty Mountain skipper George Hackett

The final results after only one (1) race due to bad weather on the second day (August 24-25):

1st Place Selma Star

2nd Place Vineta

3rd Place Misty Mountain

Thank you to all the sailors who participated. Hope to see you guys for the Andres Bonifacio Day Regatta!

Please view the Photo Album of the National Heroes Day Regatta 2019

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