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Experience a truly unique team activity and bring your team closer together through this challenging yet enjoyable
team building exercise.

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Teamwork is critical to improving efficiency and productivity

Learn to work together as a cohesive unit. Each team member benefits by improving decision making, communication, and leadership skill. To introduce your team or group to an alien environment can be a great leveler. Skills levels are relatively equal for all concerned, irrespective of positions held in your current team or company. 


Being a sailor is about being part of a team.

Sailing can bring you closer to others, enhance your own experiences and deepen your connection with the world around you. It demands attention, creates challenges and helps you understand your own strengths.

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The team is given very basic skills training, sufficient for them to complete their allotted goals in a new environment which offers challenges and opportunities. Certain individuals who may be constrained in their normal office environment have the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and hidden talents. Challenges involve team building talents, explore leadership traits, identify individual’s ability to learn and apply new skills, and also should be an enjoyable and challenging exercise that can bring a group closer together through a shared experience.

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A large part of sailing is about experience, self-confidence and learning the right skills. Moment to moment, you develop an understanding of what needs to happen to keep yourself, your crew and the boat safe and get to where you need to be. Every moment on the water is different, and being able to react and deal with any situation that comes up is a challenge that many sailors relish. The combination of artistry and science when sailing is a great way for people to enhance their understanding of both, and get a real feeling of accomplishment. In addition to the mental skills needed, sailing is also a good way to stay fit, as there’s plenty of exercises to be had!

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Sailing is a very pure form of being with nature. Whether that’s capturing the wind in the sails to propel you along, feeling the currents in the river or the sea or understanding how the weather is going to affect the boat, you learn a tremendous amount of respect for the natural world. Sailing is also very environmental-friendly; you arere not polluting the sky or the ocean with fossil fuels but traveling the same way that mankind has done for thousands of years.

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Sailing is a great way to bring peace and quiet into our busy lives; the simple sounds of the wind as it fills the sails, or the water as it flows past the boat can be very relaxing and centering, a perfect antidote to the stresses of the modern world. It gives busy people the understanding that they can relax, whilst at the same time remain focused.  The boat becomes a self-contained universe, the process of sailing becomes all consuming. Any sense of time changes and expands, small moments becoming more important. Sailing can be a meditative, reflective and engrossing experience.

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Sailing needs a good, consistent, constant focus; it demands your attention. The wind and water are dynamic, and understanding any changes that you need to make, especially if you are sailing competitively, is vital to doing well.

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