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A New Era of Sailing Begins

Sailors and Sea-lovers alike, great news is on the horizon! 🎉 The Subic Sailing Club, the beating heart of the Filipino sailing community, is thrilled to announce the monumental launch of the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series that was officially held at the Manila Polo Club last November 8, 2023!

This series represents a significant leap forward for sailing in the Philippines and underscores the club’s commitment to fostering a deeper connection between Filipinos and their rich marine heritage.

This series represents a significant leap forward for sailing in the Philippines and underscores the club’s commitment to fostering a deeper connection between Filipinos and their rich marine heritage.

Born from the passion of a diverse group of entrepreneurs, expatriates, and sports enthusiasts, Subic Sailing Club has become the standard-bearer for the growth and excitement of sailing in the country.

Subic Sailing Club has been promoting sailing in the Philippines for many years now.

As advocates for our oceans, the club continuously strives to elevate awareness of the Philippines' abundant marine wealth, heritage and conservation among its members and the public at large.

Aerial shot of the Subic Bay Yacht Club in Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales

The tides of yacht racing have undeniably shifted since the onset of the global pandemic. Our waters, once bustling with the sails of international competitors, have seen a noticeable calm as foreign vessels became a rarer sight. Even the local fleet has witnessed a downturn, a silent testament to the growing need for fresh sailors to take the helm.

Exciting yacht racing in Subic Bay organized by Subic Sailing Club

In this sea of change, the alliance with BPI Private Wealth emerges as a much-needed gust of hope. "This collaboration with BPI Private Wealth is the wind in our sails we've eagerly awaited," declares Marcus Avecilla, Subic Sailing's Operations Head and Vice President of the Philippine Sailing Association. "Our aspiration is not just to reignite a passion for competitive sailing among Filipinos but to kindle an enduring love for the sea that is integral to our island heritage. For us, sailing is more than just a sport; it's a vital skill that's part of our life as an archipelagic nation surrounded by water. "

"I'm heartened to see BPI Private Wealth anchoring their support for this venture. Their support serves as a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for countless Filipinos to explore the exhilarating world of sailing. This endeavor not only celebrates our profound oceanic heritage but also symbolizes a journey towards mastering the winds and waves that cradle our archipelago. Our nation stands as one of Asia's premier sailing destinations, a testament to our maritime prowess and a source of national pride." said Zedrik Avecilla, Managing Director of the Subic Sailing Club.

The BPI Yacht Race Series was launched at Manila Polo Club with BPI Wealth CEO and President doing the opening talk.
Maria Theresa Marcia, President and CEO of BPI Wealth

During the launch, Maria Theresa Marcial, President and CEO of BPI Wealth, outlined their tripartite vision: to expand the Philippine sailing community, establish the nation as a preeminent sailing destination globally, and champion marine conservation efforts. She emphasized a vision rooted in the shared love for the sea and an unwavering commitment to its stewardship.

"Sailors have an innate understanding of the ocean's fragile ecosystem," Maria Theresa Marcial remarked. "Our efforts in marine conservation are pivotal for sustainable food sources and habitats, now and for future generations. Sailing brings us closer to nature and reinforces our resolve to protect the marine environment."

The BPI Private Wealth has joined forces with us and top sailing entities like the Offshore Racing Club Philippines, Philippine Inter-Island Sailing Foundation and the Subic Sailing Club. Together, we're steering into a series that promises adventure, competition, and community spirit.

Mark your calendars for these not-to-be-missed events:

🏆 BPI Corregidor Cup (16-19 Nov 2023)

🏆 BPI Busuanga Cup (25-28 Jan 2024)

🏆 BPI Boracay 180 (22-27 Feb 2024)

🏆 BPI Subic Regatta (2-5 Apr 2024)

"The launch of the BPI Private Wealth Signature Yacht Race Series is a significant milestone as this initiative not only showcases the passion and spirit of sailing but also symbolizes the unity that can be achieved when organizations and destinations come together for a common goal. I am excited to witness the realization of a vision where the serene waters of the Philippines serve as a canvass for an organized and exhilarating sailing experience. This series will not only test the skills of the sailors but also strengthen the bonds that tie us all. With diverse destinations and a spirit of healthy competition, this event exemplifies the beauty of our maritime heritage and the promise of an exciting future for sailing in our nation,” said Jerry Rollin, President of the Ocean Racing Club of the Philippines (ORCP).

Get ready to be part of a thrilling showcase that highlights our country as a premier sailing destination in Asia, while also enjoying exclusive events that strengthen our bonds and benefit local communities. Embark with us on this voyage of passion, purpose, and protection as we reflect on how we can all live a signature life, full of adventure, connection and the commitment to making a difference.

For more details on the race series or how to get involved with Subic Sailing Club, contact us at

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