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National Marine Summit 2019 will be a Platform for Industry Reform

OCTOBER 23, 2019

The Movement for Maritime Philippines (MMP) and the National Coast Watch Council (NCWC) will host the National Marine Summit 2019 on October 29 to 30, 2019 at the Manila Hotel.

The summit brings together government and maritime stakeholders to define the direction where the maritime industry should head if it has to fulfill its avowed vision of harnessing the benefits of a blue economy.

Government officials and high level authorities shall team up with industry frontrunners and stakeholders to confirm the needed reforms for the Philippines to bring around maritime Philippines, once the recognized leader in the Asian region.

The summit, seen as prelude to putting up the country’s integrated intermodal transport system, are expected to muster the participation of all relevant stakeholders of the three major sectors, namely:

(1) coastal development and tourism; (2) marine research; and (3) maritime industry.

To date, closed to 400 participants have confirmed their attendance to the summit.

Interested parties/individuals who wish to be part of the summit are advised to call Mr. Darrell Bautista at (02) 8622-9812 or 0908-454-2955. He can also be reached at for registration.

Deadline for registration is on Friday,October 25, 2019.

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