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BONUS: Subic Sailing Goes to Puerto Galera: A Beautiful Journey

The Subic Sailing Team is a jolly bunch. We love it when new people learn to love sailing and eventually joins the fun of racing. The All Souls Day Regatta (ASDR) is a one-of-a-kind racing event and is held every November 1st. It is not the typical serious type of racing format that we are used to, but it is one of the most enjoyable races in the Philippines not to mention the great winds and amazing scenery!

The ASDR race is based on a staggered start with start-timing based on a combination of previous or predicted yacht performance combined with the anticipated wind conditions available on the day. So basically, the slowest boat starts first and the idea is to have all the boats finish all at the same time! This allows smaller boats (like ours) to actually have nice shots of bigger boats behind us or beside us. What a treat!

But the best part, of course, is enjoying the camaraderie after the race. Where we also get to meet new people in the sailing community and invite them to come and visit us in Subic Bay. It might not be like sailing in Puerto Galera, but that is just it! It is great to always try something new! We also have a few coves in our sleeves that will surely delight any sailors. (ASDR Final Results)

Thank you to the members of the Subic Sailing Team who participated:

Jun Avecilla

Zedrik Avecilla

Marcus Avecilla

Ricky Sandoval

Seymour Saldavia

Vlad Pularca

Fernan Sarmiento

Edmund Umali

Gregg Homan

Charmaine Jao

Director/Editor/Mainman: Vlad Pullarca

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