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All Souls Day Regatta 2019

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

The Subic Sailing Team, together with its co-chairmen, Congressman Ricky Sandoval and Jun Avecilla, sailed down to Puerto Galera to support their annual All Souls Day Regatta. They departed just before sundown last October 29 and arrived at Puerto Galera at 8am. The delivery was smooth and had a nice catch from our bowman, Fernan.

This one-of-a-kind 3-day race attracts all types of sailors and boats in the region and is considered as one the biggest regatta in the country with close to 30 boats participating this year.

The most attractive part of any All Souls Day Regatta race besides the beautiful surrounding islands is the finish. The races are based on a staggered start with start-timing based on a combination of previous or predicted yacht performance combined with the anticipated wind conditions available on the day.

“It was nice to see different kinds of boats out in the most iconic passage in the Philippines and around whats considered the be at the center of the center of marine biodiversity, the famous Verde Island,” said Zed Avecilla, Executive Director of the Subic Sailing Club. “This trip was a good practice for us for the next Subic Bay around Verde Island Passage Race (SBVIP) in mid-February 2020. We hope to be able to invite some of the boats in this regatta to join the fun in Subic Bay and shares some of your Puerto Galera vibe in our regatta,” he added. (SBVIP 2019)(SBCR 2019)

Congratulations to all the winners and the organisers of this great event.


Cruising Class

1st Place - Stargazer - Joe Miscal

2nd Place - Talang Gala - Jeremy Ockelford

3rd Place - Papaya II 0- Ador Abrogena

Multihull Class

1st Place - Kerida - Garry Kingshott

2nd Place - Soniya - Kareem Magill

3rd Place Magayon II - Martin Gummert

Racing Class

1st Place - Vineta - Thomas Pickering

2nd Place - Esprit - Ross Lyon

3rd Place - Anthea - Jason Bagot


1st Place - Stargazer - Joe Miscal

2nd Place - Kerida - Garry Kingshott

3rd Place - Vineta - Thomas Pickering

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Thanks, Peter. Glad you liked it. If you have other suggestions on how we can make it more interesting, let us know.


Peter Taal
Peter Taal

This has to be one of your best posts yet. GREAT photos!

The fact that you are posting about other places makes following Subic Sailing an even better experience than before. Magazine Quality Post.


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