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Sailing: A Sport for Everyone

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Person With Disability (PWD) - generally defined as a physiological condition which may restrict a person's mental, sensory, or mobility functions to undertake or perform a task/activity. Being a disabled means that there are a lot of restrictions in your daily activities especially when it comes to sport. Many disabled have a desire to be an athlete, to compete and give honor to our country however, this desire remains to be a dream. Disability is not a hindrance to some PWD who have a positive outlook and disposition in life. Some disabled tried various sports activities that may eventually fit in with their case, others succeed and others remain just looking behind the curtains.

Sailing, whether recreational or a sport that involves a variety of competitive sailing formats that are sanctioned through various sailing federations and yacht clubs. Whereas racing disciplines include matches within a fleet of sailing craft, between a pair thereof or among teams.

They say, sailing is only for adults, grown-ups and a rich man’s leisure activity which really exerts effort, money, time and discipline. But on the other hand, sailing is actually for everybody! From kids, who may discover sailing as early as 5 years old, senior citizens up to a person with disability! Meaning, everyone is welcome to try out sailing and maybe become a professional athlete!

The Subic Sailing Clubis an organization based in Subic Bay Freeport Zone which aims to promote sailing here in the Philippines and incorporated for the purpose of encouraging sailing and boating of all kinds, and the development of recreational marine advantages inside the Freeport Zone.

”The donation of Hebe Haven Yacht Club gave the IYFR Subic Sailing School fleet a much needed boost. It has allowed us to take more people out sailing easily and safely. Some of the boats are currently being repaired so we expect more boats will be available in the near future,“ said Marcus Avecilla, Operations Head of Subic Sailing.

One particularly interesting boat that was included in donation was a Hansa Sailboat, meant for a person with disability in partnership with the Subic Sailing Club - the Sailability program.

“I am proud to say that I am a PWD regardless of my disability as I was able to do things in my way. I may have a lot of restrictions in many physical activities due to my back problem but on the other hand, I am still enjoying and living my life to the fullest.” said Jade, a 27 year-old lady and a person with disability.

Sailability aims to establish that sailing is for everyone! Hansa Sailboat is specifically designed to be sailed in pairs or solo. It has a cockpit that can fit two persons which is safe for a person with disability or even a senior citizen to hop on.

“Since I was a kid, I never imagined myself trying the sport of sailing since this activity needs a lot of physical effort but when Subic Sailing introduced me to the sailability program and told me that anyone is fit to sail, that was the time I told myself to give it a try. And the experience is so amazing! For once in my life I have found the true meaning of happiness with nature. A must try activity, really!” Jade added.

With this opportunity, anyone can be an athlete as long as you believe along with passion, dedication and perseverance nothing is impossible!

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