IYFR Subic Sailing School
IYFR Subic Sailing School
IYFR Subic Sailing School
IYFR Subic Sailing School


The Subic Sailing Club in partnership with the Philippine Sailing Association (PSA) and the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR) have established a sailing school in Subic Bay Freeport Zone to promote sailing as a sport, a hobby, a fitness regimen, and as a career. 

The club is equipped with various training boats that cater to all kinds of skill levels from beginner to racing class. We also have a grassroots program that aims to teach our people most especially the out of school youth to learn how to sail, as well as provide a means of livelihood for some to become able and competent sailors of various yachts local and abroad. The Philippines is a maritime country and seafaring comes naturally to Filipinos.  In fact, the country is the top source of seafarers who man merchant shipping vessels throughout the world.

The grassroots program also helps ensure the future of yacht racing and even the commercial maritime industry. Students can experience sailing from dinghies to larger keelboats. The sailing programs will better equip students to deal with the demands of a career at sea - whether as a crew on an ocean racer or a seaman on a bulk carrier.

The sport of sailing is diverse and the Subic Sailing School aims to introduce children, youth and adults to the many facets of dinghy and keelboat sailing. Participants can progress in the direction which most suits their abilities.

Courses are tailored to cater for beginners and improvers; whether they wish to achieve certification, race competitively, sail socially or even learn to teach others.

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Subic Sailing Club is all about spreading the love of sailing and teaching people how to sail is one of its advocacies. This is why the Subic Sailing School is an integral part of the program.


The school gets a lot of support from sailors around the world, most of which who participate in the regattas that the club continues to organize. It is through our events that we are able to promote our advocacy. 


Civic organizations, academe, NGOs, private companies, and local government agencies are also joining our campaign to enhance and awaken our Filipino Maritime Spirit as well as create awareness on the important features of the Philippines as an archipelagic nation.