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Presentation of Philippine Sailing Grand Prix at the 129th Maritime Forum

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

The Executive Director of the Subic Sailing Club, Zed Avecilla, presented this year’s theme of the Philippine Sailing Grand Prix "CELEBRATING THE PHILIPPINES MARITIME HERITAGE AND CULTURE" during the 129th Maritime Forum at the Department of Foreign Affairs building.

The Subic Sailing Club, a non-profit organization based in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, continuously strives towards promoting Subic Bay as well as the Philippines as the premier yachting destination in Asia. “Our programs aims to spread the love of boating to the Filipinos and be able to breed new generation of Filipino sailors that will continue to give pride to our country. Besides teaching people to sail, we also organize several local and international yacht racing event  including the two time Best Asian Regatta nominee for 2016 and 2017, the Standard Insurance Subic Bay to Boracay Race and the Boracay Cup Regatta.” Zed Avecilla said. “The theme of our sailing programs for this year was brought about by our partnership with the National Coast Watch Council to honor our Filipino Seafarers around the world as tribute to our rich maritime heritage and culture.” He added.

The partnership also aims to showcase the Filipino’s amazing talent on the sport of sailing as well as raise national awareness and consciousness of Filipinos on the important features and concerns of the Philippines as a Maritime and Archipelagic Domain. This is related to the Presidential Proclamation No. 316 which the Subic Sailing Club is part of its working committee last year.

Sailing is a sport where Filipinos can excel and be the best in the world. This hi-performance competition embodies innovation and sportsmanship. Besides strength and endurance, strategy and patience can be the name of the game.

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