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Chairman's Cup Regatta: Breeding the Next Generation of Filipino Sailors

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Subic Bay - an excellent harbour to its geographical location serves as the premier yacht racing destination in the Philippines. Regular regattas are being held in Subic Bay not just to enhance yachtsman-ship for international competitions and foster camaraderie among sailors but also to promote its tourism in one of the best Freeport destination in the country. It has become a playground for Grand Prix keelboats from various countries as they compete in the prestigious international regattas hosted here in our country.

As we set course to another season of the Philippine Sailing Grand Prix, the annual Commodore’s Cup Regatta that has been attracting hundreds of top-notch sailors from all over the globe has been rebranded as “Chairman’s Cup Regatta” to commemorate the leadership that is at the helm of the agency that has played a significant role in the development of the Subic Bay Freeport and the Special Economic Zone. This event is organized by the Subic Sailing Club headed by Mr. Jun Avecilla and Congressman Ricky Sandoval, co- chairmen of the organizing committee.

Co-Chairmen of Subic Sailing Club, Congressman Ricky Sandoval and Jun Avecilla with Chairperson and Administrator of SBMA, Atty. Wilma "Amy" Eisma during the final awarding of CCR 2018
Co-Chairmen of Subic Sailing Club, Congressman Ricky Sandoval and Jun Avecilla with Chairperson and Administrator of SBMA, Atty. Wilma "Amy" Eisma

The inaugural Chairman’s Cup Regatta will take place on April 25-30, 2019, few days after the awarding of the first edition of the Hong Kong to Puerto Galera Yacht Race - a classic 650nm passage to Puerto Galera that ends on April 21, Easter Sunday.

The Chairman’s Cup Regatta envisioned to breed the next generation of sailors that will give pride and honor to our country and will continue our legacy as a maritime nation. “We hope that this event will not only produce a new generation of Filipino sailors but also give honor to our rich maritime heritage,” said Zed Avecilla, Executive Director of the Subic Sailing Club.

Sailing, whether a sport or a recreational activity builds character as the skills acquired go far beyond of controlling a boat that can be applied in real life. It enhances creativity, confidence, teamwork, communication, determination, independence and performance are some of the specific character attributes nurtured through sailing.

The highlight of the Chairman’s Cup Regatta (CCR) is the FarEast 28R One-Design Race with eight boats in the division. Other Keel Boat divisions will include IRC Class 1, IRC Class 2 and Cruising Class. There will also be a Dinghy Division composed of the Optimist Class, Streaker Class and the Oz Gooze Class which will take place on April 25-26, 2019. To cap off the event will be some local and international DJs together with one of the top leading bands in the country.

This 6-day event will attract thousands of Filipino sailors and non-sailors to the most exciting and competitive world of yacht racing in the country with among the top-notch sailors around the globe. It also aims to encourage the general public to know more information about the sport as well as Philippine’s maritime industry and hopefully encourage more people to explore our maritime roots.

Are you interested to join the Chairman's Cup Regatta on April 25-30? Please view or download the Notice of Race and Entry Form here.


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