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Subic Bay’s unique terrain makes it ideal for sailing with its useful local breezes that can last all day. It’s no doubt why it is considered as one of the best sailing destination in Asia.

The Subic Sailing Club (SSC) has been promoting sailing and organising yacht racing activities in Subic Bay since 2004 back when they were still called the Saturday Afternoon Gentlemen Sailors (SAGS). Now the club is also conducting sail training from small boats to big boats to people of all ages. ​

​This June 1 the Subic Sailing Club in partnership with the Lighthouse Legacy Foundation and the Subic Bay Indigenous People Assistance Group (SIPAG) will be launching its latest sailing program with its newly refurbished Paraw boats.

SIPAG Officers tried sailing with the paraw together with the Aetas from Morong.
(L-R) SIPAG President Betty Fielder and Executive Director Marilyn Gates onboard one of the Paraw test run.

Aytas from the Canawan Tribe in Morong tried out the Paraw for the first time.
Aytas from the Canawan Tribe in Morong tried out the Paraw for the first time.

This program will not only provide livelihood to the local indigenous people and the sailors from Boracay who lost their jobs due to the recent Boracay closure, thus it will also provide new and exciting water activities to the tourists visiting Subic Bay and at the same time promote Filipino traditional sailing. ​

The training of the local indigenous people on how to operate the Paraw boats will be supervised by SIPAG and will be conducted by a group of Boracay Paraw operators who seek the help of SSC to provide them livelihood. “We have already started our training program with some of the Aeta’s from Kanawan. It won’t be long, these Aetas will be able to start sailing these Paraw boats around Subic Bay.” said Zed Avecilla, Executive Director of the Subic Sailing Club and the Lighthouse Legacy Foundation. “These Paraw Boats will allow more people to experience the traditional way of sailing and hopes to entice more Filipinos to learn more about our maritime roots.” Avecilla added.

To commemorate our Independence Day in honour of our rich maritime heritage, the SSC is launching their Summer Sailing Experience promo where guests can choose to sail either a modern cruising fiberglass sailboat or a traditional wooden outrigger sailboat at very affordable rates. Aside from the summer sailing experience promo, a two day regatta will be held on June 9-10, 2018 in celebration of the Independence Day.

These activities are in line with the Maritime Archipelagic Nation Awareness Month (MANA Mo) campaign which was launched last year under presidential proclamation no. 316 which calls for maritime stakeholders to advocate for awareness of our marine wealth and endowments as well as the distinctly sea-based heritage of our proud nation.

Come visit Subic Bay and try the captivating sailing experience! For inquiries or reservations you contact ‭(0927) 028 7527‬ or you may visit

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