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Clipper Fleet Arriving in Subic Bay

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Members of the Clipper Race team are on route to meet the fleet ahead of its arrival in the Philippines. The Clipper Race yachts are expected to start arriving in Subic Bay from Wednesday 12 February. Here the fleet will be berthed in Subic Bay Yacht Club for an extended stopover, due to the decision to amend the race schedule and delay its arrival into China in view of the coronavirus outbreak. The fleet, currently racing from Australia, will now head to Subic Bay, Philippines, which was previously planned as the second of the three ports in Leg 5.

The estimated arrival window into Subic Bay is 12-16 February. There will now be an extended stopover in this port of a minimum of nine days. Please read their full statement for further information and updates.

Check out the latest standings via the official race viewer.

The last time the Clipper Fleet was in Subic Bay was back in 2006 when Glasgow Clipper discovered 'loose keel bolts' during the Singapore-Qingdao race leg which caused the 10-strong fleet to be immediately diverted to Subic Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) where they were greeted with an excellent warm welcome by the management of SBYC as well as the local sailing community, the Saturday Afternoon Gentlemen Sailors (SAGS) Club.

Glasglow in Subic Bay near the Lighthouse Marina Resort, home of the Subic Sailing Club formerly known as SAGS

If you want to see the Clipper yachts, come and visit Subic Bay Yacht Club. Refer to the schedule below for their estimated arrival.

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