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Carefree Boat Club Launches in Subic Bay!

Middle Group Photo: (Back row) Kevin Bonnema, General Manager of CBC-USA; Jeannie Sandoval; Amy Eisma, Chairman & Administrator of SBMA; Jun Avecilla, Chairman of Subic Sailing Club; Seymour Saldavia, VP of Standard Insurance

The Carefree Boat Club (CBC), a leading boat club operator in the US and Canada, is finally now in Asia and has launched its very first club in Subic Bay on February 1, 2020, at the Subic Bay Yacht Club. The goal of CBC is to provide its members with the highest quality boating experience, to provide a safe and easy intro into boating for new boaters and to offer the best variety of boats and ports possible. The Carefree Boat Club Subic Bay will be operated by Watercraft Venture Corporation, a full-service marina and boatyard located beside the Subic Bay Yacht Club since 1995.

“We know about boating and the challenges that come with it, that is why with the Carefree Boat Club concept, we want to take away all the worries about owning a boat and just make it fun, easy and affordable,” said Ricky Sandoval founder of CBC-Subic Bay and President of Watercraft Venture Corp. The CBC will revolutionize the way people enjoy boating here in the Philippines.

Ricky Sandoval, an engineering degree graduate in naval architecture at the State University of New York, is an avid sailor and has been passionate about the sea all his life. He has engaged in several maritime business enterprises such as Watercraft Venture Inc. He was the Commodore for the Subic Bay Yacht Club, Rear Commodore of Manila Yacht Club, and former Commander of the 201st Squadron of the Philippine Auxiliary Coast Guard. He is also co-chairman of the Subic Sailing Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of sailing in the country.
Co-founders Doug Zimmerman and Kevin Bonnema from Carefree Boat Club U.S.A.

The Carefree Boat Club was founded in Virginia in 2002. The concept of the club allows members to use the boats anytime at no additional cost, and with a low member to boat ratio as well as an easy to use online reservation system, members can enjoy boating how they like, when they like. Moreover, members will have access to all the boats available in all 80 locations in the US and Canada through the CBC Reciprocity Program. All members of the club will also be provided with Boat Safety training and handling skills so that members can comfortably and safely enjoy the great variety of boats for all activities in Subic Bay such as island hopping, wakeboarding, fishing or even just cruising around for a day or even overnight.

Research shows that being in, on or near the water can make you happier and healthier. From the beginning of our life cycle, we are biologically connected to water. The human body is made up of 60% and human brains respond to the sight of water by triggering a response of calmness and relaxation through the human body. “We have so many pristine beaches you can visit and explore along the coastlines of Zambales and Bataan. We want Filipinos to enjoy not only the beauty of our environment but also the health benefits that come with being on the water,” said Zed Avecilla, Sales and Marketing Director of Carefree Boat Club Subic Bay.

“The sailing community here in Subic Bay is amazing. Their passion for boating is admirable and that is why this is the best place to launch the first Carefree Boat Club here in Asia. We hope to be a fundamental part of bringing more Filipinos into boating,” said Kevin Bonnema, General Manager of Carefree Boat Club U.S.A.

If you are interested to become a member of this exciting club, you may call (+63) 47 2521739 and schedule for a tour.

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