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Experience the Majesty of sailing in Subic Bay. Discover our full range of accredited learn-to-sail courses for all ages and skill levels

Intro Sail Course (approximately 3 hours)

This introductory course for sailing includes an orientation, gear check, and quick actual sailing activity.

Price: Php 5,000

2 days – Start Sailing Course

A practical 2-day course, this program offers a great way for students to get a feel for sailing. It teaches the fundamentals of how to steer a yacht under power, how to raise the sails, and how to handle ropes.

Four (4) guided sailing sessions, two (2) consecutive days

Price: Php 15,000

4 days – Competent Crew Course

This course is a more advanced program that allows you to confidently cruise under sail and lets you experience being an active crew member.

Eight (8) guided sailing sessions. Four (4) straight days or split into two (2) consecutive days (weekends or weekdays)

Price: Php 25,000

6 days – Day Skipper Course

This course is for those aiming to advance their skills to competitively sail in confidence on their own, as well as to sail as a skipper while giving instructions to a crew. It offers an introduction to racing and ends with a qualification for the Bénéteau First Cup.

Twelve (12) guided sailing sessions. Three (3) sets of two (2) consecutive days (weekends or weekdays).

Price: Php 32,000

Why Learn to Sail with Us?

  • We have friendly and very experienced instructors.

  • Broad course offerings fit for beginners, improvers, those aiming for certification, or even those who plan to race competitively.

  • Subic Bay is one of the best places to learn how to sail—no choppy, busy harbor, and you’ll be sailing in a protected bay near our well-appointed headquarters, the Lighthouse Marina Resort.

  • Flexible rates and sailing lesson schedules.

  • The most exciting part? You’ll learn to sail using a brand-new, state-of-the-art Beneteau First 14, courtesy of Europa Yachts!

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