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A Boost for Optimist Sailing

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The Optimist, a.k.a. the "opti, is a small single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to age of 15. Young sailors learning to sail typically starts with an opti. It is safe, stable and easy to rig. It is not only the most popular sailboat, but also the largest sailing class in the world and is part of the Olympics and the SEA Games.

Here in the Philippines, not only do Subic Sailing Club offer classes to young kids to be sailors that may compete around the world and represent the Philippines or other countries, but Subic Sailing club also organizes regattas where these sailors can compete in.

Currently, Subic Sailing Club has five (5) optimist dinghies available for sailing lessons. Just last weekend, all the five optimist were used by the five young sailors from Changi Sailing Club in Singapore ages 7-10 with 3 boys and 2 girls headed by their coach Jhing Tayong-Santos, also a former athlete of the Philippine Sailing Association (PSA). She was also the Race Officer for the Dinghy Class during the Chairman's Cup.

4 of the 5 young sailors from the Changi Sailing Club, Singapore sailing in Subic Bay. At the back are the PSA Optimist Sailors practicing for the SEA Games.

It was truly admirable how these kids from Singapore love to sail and how passionate they are to get better. "Our kids very much enjoyed their time in Subic Bay. They also enjoyed competing with the Filipino sailors. We believe that in order to get better, you need to be able to sail and compete in different places. This is the best way to learn," said one of the parents from Singapore. They were able to experience a variety of weather changes which was very normal here in Subic Bay. The safety of the students were utmost importance and standby safety boats were ready at all times.

A rainy start for the visiting Optimist Sailors from the Changi Sailing Club last weekend.

We look forward to seeing these kids back in Subic Bay for the Chairman's Cup Regatta next year. Hopefully we will have our own sets of optimist sailors from Subic Bay," said Marcus Avecilla, head coach of the Subic Sailing Club. "We need to create more interest with the younger kids. Its a very fun sport not just for kids but for the entire family as well," he added.

The Subic Sailing Club would like to thank the sailors of the Changi Sailing Club specially the parents for visiting us here in Subic Bay.

(L-R) Coach Mario Malazarte - PSA Coach, Fernan Sarmiento - SSC Asst. Coach, Marcus Avecilla - SSC Head Coach, Jhing Tayong-Santos - CSC Head Coach, DJ Cabarles - Asst. Head Coach

Thank you note from the Singapore Team. =)

For more information on our sailing programs, please visit this page.


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